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Mailing Address
4N498 Town Hall Road
St. Charles, IL  60175

Main Township Office 
(temporary location)
43W870 Empire Road
Lily Lake, IL  60175
630 / 387-1016

Open Space Program Office  
(not yet open to public)
40W668 Burlington Road
St. Charles, IL  60175
Phone:  630 / 549-7947
Fax:  630 / 945-3712



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Mission Statement/Purposes:

Bee-on-purple-prairie-cloverVignetteThe mission of the Open Space Plan is to preserve and protect the semi-rural character of Campton Township.  To that end, this Plan describes an Open Space Program to acquire open land for passive and active recreational purposes and for the protection of farmland, historic landmarks, scenic roadways, wetlands, woodlands, wildlife, and geologically significant features.

The Plan provides for the holding of real property for the education, pleasure and recreation of the public and for other open space values.  It also promotes the conservation of nature, the natural environment and floodplain protection in the Township.  The use and management of the property will be restricted to benefit the citizens of the community and its future generations.

The Plan is to preserve open land, including farmland, to provide the public with visual relief from the press of development and enhance the quality of life in each of the four quadrants of Campton Township.

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