For Campton Township, open space isn’t just a Township commitment- it’s a community commitment.

prairie-dock-leafJoin our Open Space Volunteers program and be part of our “Prairie Docs,” the many volunteers who help maintain and improve our Township parks and open spaces.

“What is a “Prairie Doc?”

A prairie dock, Silphium terebinthinaceum, is a plant with large leaves whose roots were used as medicine by the pioneers.

A “Prairie doc” is a volunteer who makes “field calls” to help preserve, protect, and restore natural areas and prairie gardens in the township.


Why do we need open space and natural areas?

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Ground water recharge areas (i.e., places for water to soak into the ground)
  • Flood control (giving water a place to go, be held, and be released slowly)
  • Reduce pollution (plants absorb and filter pollutants, pesticides, fertilizers, and carbon dioxide from air and water)
  • Relief from congestion and development
  • Space to study nature/education
  • Recreation opportunities
  • Exercise and relaxation for health benefits
  • Increased value of property near Open Spaces


What’s so important about native plants?

  • They are adapted to the extremes of our climate- they don’t need fertilizers, watering or pesticides.
  • By attracting insects, they help stabilize the ecosystem for birds, amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies – and humans too!
  • Their deep roots absorb water to help control floods and prevent erosion
  • They are a living museum to learn about the history of Illinois and the plants that helped create our rich soil.


Why do natural areas need “Prairie Docs?”

  • To combat invasive species such as garlic mustard, buckthorn, wild chervil, multiflora rose, and honeysuckle.  These exotic species move into natural areas and crowd out the native plants.
  • To collect seeds and distribute them to new areas


 When are workdays?

2nd Saturday of every month from 9am to noon.


To receive e-mail reminders for workday activities and other events, contact:


Campton Township, Open Space Program Office


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